Kauzhumba Primary School Building Project (Zimbabwe)
2016 contender
The challenge that the project addresses: 
Established in 1992, Kauzhumba Primary School lacks proper infrastructure facilities. Over 520 pupils learn in makeshift classrooms. Has 11 teachers. Two teachers share a room.
Describe the project's impact: 
Quality education for over 520 pupils will be delivered through creation of a healthy and safe learning environment. Promoting participatory development in the community. Improved standards of life among 11 teaching staffs.
What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?: 
Mobilising resources Mobilised the community, which has elected a local committee (8 traditional leaders as ex-officio members) Engage a civil engineer to assess the project site. A classroom block collapsed 5 years ago. Drafted a project proposal, which will be finalised after we receive the engineer’s report. Cleared by the Resident Minister for the Province