Projects that Change the World

Canon Collins Alumni are doing extraordinary work to bring about positive social change in their communities and society more broadly. Showcased below are some of the initiatives that exemplify their remarkable efforts.

This year we are awarding a ‘Change Maker of the Year 2016’ award to the project voted by alumni and scholars as the best social change initiative project this year. All scholars and alumni are invited to cast their vote for the project of their choice. Your vote could help that project to win R30,000.  

How to Vote

Projects that have been entered for the award this year are marked with a ‘2016 contender’ badge. Only Canon Collins scholars and alumni are eligible to vote and may cast one vote for the project or their choice. Voting closes on the 3rd of May!

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Are you an alumna or alumnus doing work that changes the world?

If you are doing work that brings about positive change, we would love to know about it. Please tell us about your work, and if you would like your project to be considered for the Change Makers Award.

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Alumni Projects that Change the World