Legal Resource Centre

The Legal Resources Centre is a leading public interest law firm based in Johannesburg, with offices in Durban, Grahamstown and Cape Town. In addition to conducting precedent-setting impact litigation on behalf of vulnerable and marginalised people, they work on law reform and public advocacy, and conduct workshops and training with communities to help ordinary South Africans know and assert their human rights.

The LRC works with those in greatest need and promotes their basic rights, both human rights and constitutional rights. It increases poor people’s access to shelter, water, medical services, and women’s and children’s right to live free from violence. As part of the process, local people are always involved – as clients instructing their lawyers – and the LRC works co-operatively with a large range of other organisations. Their method of working is always to support local organizations and community structures and, where relevant, make links with social movements so that people’s voices are heard and their needs and priorities are addressed.

The LRC’s National Director, Janet Love, also serves as a South African Human Rights Commissioner. Janet is a Canon Collins Alumnus who studied Zulu and Economics at UNISA with Canon Collins support from 1992-1993.